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Dive and surf on our new website

All Paradis Plongée's team is pleased to introduce its new website !

Amazing underwater videos and pictures from Martinique 

We wanted our website to be a relevant part of the quality of the seabed that you can observe going scuba diving to Martinique. Our videos and photos have been made to be as close as possible to reality! We look forward to introducing you to our favorite dive sites on the Island of Flowers. 

Moreover we have added a novelty to our website: guides of fish, corals and invertebrates to help you recognize the species that can be observed in the Caribbean!

Start a training after your first dive

Paradis Plongée offers a new formation: the qualification PE12. Just after your first dive, interested divers will be able to pass this training within several dives. This is an opportunity to learn the first technical and safety gestures.

This qualification of the FFESSM allows the diver to no longer have to return to baptism each time and to join a team of 4 divers, for dives framed at depths of 0 to 12 meters.

Diving equipment rental in Martinique

Paradis Plongée also offers a new service: scuba diving equipment rental. All the equipment needed to dive safely in the Caribbean cant be rented at Le Marin in Martinique:
  • BCD and weights
  • regulator with octopus
  • Steel tank 12L or 15L
  • mask, fins, snorkel
  • short or long wetsuits