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Diving rates

First dive€60
Kids first dive (under 12yo)€50
Premium first dive€80
Fun dive€48
3 dives€135
5 dives€210
10 dives€390
10 dives - resident or equipped (3 items)€360
Night dive+€8
Special dives at Diamond Rock, Nahoon, Saint Pierre, Nitrox+€12

Aquatic ride rates

Aquatic ride on the coral reef. Initiation to the use of fins, mask and tuba (provided). Discovery of fauna and flora. (Minors under 16 must be accompanied).

Group please contact us

Diving equipment rental rates

Steel tank 12Lfrom €5/day
Steel tank 15L +€2/day
BCDfrom €5/day
Octopusfrom €5/day
Rental of 2 equipmentsfrom €10/day
Rental of 3 equipmentsfrom €15/day
Weights and beltsfrom €1/day
Palms, mask, snorkel or wetsuitfrom €2/day
Computerfrom €5/day
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Please upload, fill and send the following form to our page contact to get a quote.

Group rates

Please follow the link to read more about group rates and contact us.

Offer a gift card for a first dive ...

Offer a gift card for a first dive Choose an original gift by offering a dive baptism! Paradis Plongée offers a gift card for a first dive you can buy online.