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The team

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The team

Fred plongeur


Fred is the manager of Paradis Plongée and also an instructor of course! It’s him you’ll meet in any season.

Martin plongeur martinique


Joie de vivre and good mood with the added bonus of the options: sympathy, charisma, professionalism and experience. Martin will accompany you to share his passion. The impressive number opinion about him reveals the exceptional instructor and the person that is Martin. Embark in our underwater world in the company of an instructor who is committed to offering you the best!

Florence plongeur


Florence brings the feminine touch to the team. She shares her passion for diving with happiness and pedagogy. 

Mathieu  plongeur


Mathieu simply transmits his passion and his ease in scuba-diving with kindness and pedagogy. It is also a great seducer of turtles.