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Qualification supervised scuba diver PE40

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Qualification supervised scuba diver PE40


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The PE40 qualification accessible at level 1 is a training that allows you to be able to make dives up to 40 m framed by a monitor.

This training will also allow you to better prepare yourself for level 2, and to be able to dive as Level 1 to this depth zone. Some dives will be necessary before starting this training.

The appointments will be taken according to our common schedule, you will be able to make a single dive in the same day. The schedules are: 8: 00-10: 30; 10h30-13h00; 14h00-16h30. Every day (public holidays and Sunday, please contact us).

Useful information about your Qualification supervised scuba diver PE40


  • 5 training dives
  • Training fees (for material and official recording)
  • Free video


  • Level 1 divers wishing to explore the seabed up to 40 meters, including the Nahoon wreck in Martinique.
  • Those who wish to prepare smoothly for Level 2 training. The validation of the PE 40 is taken into account in the passage of the N2.


  • Hats, sunscreen
  • Bath towels, t-shirt
  • Usb key or SD card to save your free videos
  • The medical certificate is mandatory. See medical warning.

Google says so...

Authentic reviews from our Google Maps Paradis Plongée page.

These guys are a little tucked away and a bit hard to find. They are right by the water and they do have a sign at the road where you turn into their parking lot. Martin speaks good English but if you have a some French it will be helpful. They use the European style of tank and are metric so air pressure is in bars. Not a big difference but slightly different way of diving if you’re used to PADI training and psi gauges. Also bring your dive watch if you have one. They don’t include a depth gauge so you have to rely on the dive master, who was totally on it, but I wish I had mine just to know where we are while diving. Otherwise a great experience. We really liked these guys.

Dharma Barsotti , 25/03/2024

Awesome diveshop. The owner Fred is very sweet and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed. We went diving with him many times because it was just too good ! Fair prices, excellent service and amazing adventures. Dont go to bed, go dive with fred 🐳🐡🐠🐟🐬🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

ida jones , 14/09/2020

I usually don’t spent time writing reviews but those guys really deserve it! My experience was beyond expectations. The team is super nice. Martin is really exceptional - never met such a good instructor. He taught me few good stuff even after 100+ dives. Fred the owner is super friendly. Prices are really fair. Vibe is on point - I can only HIGHLY recommend.

Arnaud PAPIN , 09/03/2023

Fantastic diving facility. Accommodated me despite the fact that I know no French whatsoever. Provided a separate dive brief in English even though I was the only non-francophone on the entire boat. Very friendly and would highly recommend! Thanks Fred and Martin!

Jordon Caine , 31/12/2022

Super friendly diving base in southern Martinique. Fred & his team are very welcoming and helpful. The guides did a wonderful job, helping us with a fun & secure start into our new hobby. The sites are beautiful and easy to dive. The equipment is up to date and in perfect condition. Kindly recommended!

Fabian Kraft , 05/02/2020