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Equipment rental

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Equipment rental

Please note that diving equipment rental does not concern PARADIS PLONGEE divers. Diving equipment rental is included in prices for first dives, fun dives, internships, pack, packages and trainings.

The following rental rates apply only to diving ''out of structure''. Will not be included in the daily rates the equipment pick-up after 12h, nor the day of the return before 7PM. The assumption of responsibility of the material and its restitution will have to do it between 7AM and 7PM by appointment.
These are indicative rates, please contact us to receive a quote.

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Read the equipment rental agreement with Paradis Plongée

Find the form to fill at the end of the agreement and send it to to receive a quote.

octopus and tank rental

Octopus and steel tank

Octopus rental


12 L and 15 L steel tanks

12 L and 15 L steel tanks

BCD Octopus and tank

BCD, octopus and tank

Divers weights


BCD and octopus

BCD and octopus