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FFESSM level 1 course


Certification fee (if diploma is graduated) + €20 Book now

After you have done your first diving, if you want to continue the adventure you will be able to do it by passing the ” Level 1 ”.

This training takes place in 5 dives. It will allow you to be recognized as a certified diver all over the world, and even by other international schools (FFESSM, CMAS, PADI, ANMP, SNMP, CEDIP). This will allow you to evolve up to 20m, moreover all the sites will be accessible to you.

You will need to have a medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice. The remaining administrative formalities (insurance, certifications and theoretical support) are included.

During the dives there will be a “Technique” part of about 15 to 20 min, and a part “put into practice” of 20 to 30 min. As much as possible we will change sites at each session. A theoretical support will be given for you to study it quietly. We will carry out a knowledge check to ensure that we understand the physical and physiological phenomena (level 1 is accessible from the age of 12).

The appointments will be taken according to our common schedules, you can make two dives in the same day. The schedules are: 8: 00-10: 30; 10h30-13h00; 14h00-16h30. Every day (public holidays and Sunday, please contact us).

Useful information about your FFESSM level 1 course


  • 5 technical dives
  • Theoretical training
  • Training costs (documents, registration, miscellaneous)
  • Diving videos


  • Plunge into the 20-meter zone
  • Ability to explore seabed up to 20 meters
  • Participate in an exploration at the Diamond Rock and observe turtles in their natural environment


  • Hats, sunscreen
  • Bath towels, t-shirt
  • Usb key or SD card to save your free videos
  • The medical certificate is mandatory. Read medical warning.

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